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We handmake individual custom cowboy boots in personal designs and measurements for men & women.


Custom Cowboy Boots -  Options


BRANDS OR INITIALS (Important - See Terms and Conditions  ).

$ 125.00

WINGS & HEEL TIPS ................................. .................................



$ 25.00


$ 35.00

ALLIGATOR ABOVE 12", PER INCH.....................................


MONEY POCKET / CREDIT CARD HOLDER Inside Tops..................

$ 50.00

CUSTOM COWBOY BOOTS INLAY STARTING.....................................................................

$ 125.00

SHIPPING, Before Insurance............................................................

$ 25.00 - $35.00



Custom Made Boots Leathers, Toes, and Heels

for a few general comments on weights and preferences for Men and Women in handmade cowboy boots, please see Paul Bond Handmade Custom Cowboy Boots Considerations.  


Please feel call, write, or email us while you are thinking through your Paul Bond Custom Handmade Western Boots order and making your choices for their style, design and fit .  We are happy to visit if you would like to talk about it, or to see swatches of leathers and/or colors.  After all, these are to be your personal pair of Paul Bond Custom Made Cowboy Boots

520-281-0512 or 520-281-1077, or click this link: CONTACT US


Custom Made Boots - TOES

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Be sure to check the appropriate box on the Custom Cowboy Boots Order Form if you want toe stitching on your handmade western boots. (We do not recommend toe stitching on custom cowboy boots made of shark, wax calf, ostrich, bullhide, or alligator.)


Custom Made Boots - LEATHERS


Alligator/Crocodile - Brown, black (and occasionally some special colors)

Comes in mixed weights, depending on the part of the hide that goes into your custom cowboy boots.  Small check Alligator is from the softest parts of the skin, and is the supplest.

Buffalo – tan, brown, black


Custom Cowboy Boots in buffalo conform well to the foot with wear, but will need a little more breaking in.  A thick leather for handmade cowboy boots, and not as soft and flexible as Ostrich. 

Bullhide - Black, dark brown, tan, red, grey

It conforms well to the foot with wear, but will need a little more breaking in.  A thick leather for custom cowboy boots that are going to get some harder use.  

Calf  (Dress Weight) -Tan, light or dark brown, black, white, burgundy, bone, beige, dark blue, red, green, grey, Benedictine, and more

Not quite as flexible as Kangaroo initially, but softens and conforms quickly to the foot.  Makes fine dress handmade cowboy boots.

Kangaroo -Tan, brown, black, burgundy, cream, blue, green, yellow, red, grey, black cherry, Benedictine, and more

A flexible, soft, and comfortable leather for custom cowboy boots.  Provides good wear in your custom cowboy boots while also forming well to the foot.

Lizard -Cognac, black, brown


A lightweight, reasonably flexible leather for dress handmade cowboy boots.  It has a harder surface than Snake, akin to Alligator, and takes a high shine.

Oil Tanned Bullhide - Black, brown, tan


This is a distinctive and durable leather for custom cowboy boots.  It is not particularly supple or lightweight, and will take a while to break in, but will conform nicely to the foot with wear.

Ostrich -Tan, black, brown, white, burgundy, grey, beige, cognac, light or dark blue, red, green, orange, yellow, pink, bone, blue jean blue

Soft leather.and very comfortable in handmade cowboy boots  It is usually a little “fluffier” (thicker) than Kangaroo or Calf, but tougher and flexible.

Shark – Brown and black


Distinctive and tough leather for custom cowboy boots.  Handmade Cowboy Boots made with Shark are not particularly supple or lightweight, and will take a while to break in.  Shark is in a low supply cycle at the moment.

Snake – Shades of tan, black, and grey, (and occasionally some special colors)

Light, very distinctive, and flexible leather, but snake handmade cowboy boots are easier to scuff up.  If you decide you want Snakeskin, you should be thinking of special handmade cowboy boots that you are going to treat gently.

Wax French Calf (semi rough-out) - Black, brown

The tough granddaddy leather for those who want  heavy and tough custom cowboy boots that face off the best against corrals, mud, & brush.  Handmade cowboy boots made of waxed calf  will not take a shine.  They work for a living.  That is why Wax Calf is used for our handmade "Working Cowboy Boots".


Custom Made Boots  - HEELS


Paul Bond Custom Cowboy Boots heels are custom made layer by layer, set well under the boots for comfort, and extended in the back to help protect the handmade cowboy boots heel counter from wearing & keep a spur from slipping over your heel.  If you want a larger spur extension heel on your custom cowboy boots, as shown in our Catalog of Custom Cowboy Boots designs 17A and 17B,  be sure to tell us when ordering.


The look of the handmade western boots heels will vary in proportion to the size of your custom cowboy boots  All heels on Paul Bond Handmade Western Boots have rubber taps unless you order otherwise.

                      Custom Boots Design 24A - The Sterling     


640.jpg - 106.92 KB

NOTE:  Handmade Cowboy Boots Riding heel No.7 is regularly 2 1/2" high but can be made 3" as shown on Custom Cowboy Boots Design 24A - The Sterling and on the September  Boot .




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As with all Paul Bond Custom Cowboy Boots , you can order any design crafted in your choices of leathers & colors, as well as any toe, heel, sole weight, and top height.

If your choice of extras changes the price of your Handmade Western Boots, we will make sure you know. 

We will need your information, including measurements and tracings of both of your feet, before we can start your personal custom cowboy boots. Please use the instructions on How To Order Custom Cowboy Boots, or contact us if you would like to discuss your choices for your own Paul Bond Handmade Western Boots. 

If you need assistance, or just would like to talk about handmade western boots please call: 1-520-281-0512 or 1-520-281-1077, or use the Contact Us link.    We really like to hear from our customers, so please ask about any details you want regarding our handmade Paul Bond Custom Cowboy Boots .



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