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Why Paul Bond Boots?

Hi Friends,

It has been a chaotic few months with many twist and turns. But now, as I get a chance to catch my breath, I’ve posed a question to both our customers and our staff, as well as myself – Why Paul Bond Boots? What drives our customers to continually order Paul Bonds? What keeps generations of families working here day in and day out? In essence, why do people believe in our brand?

My research began with Mr. Kent Clark, the owner of 56 pairs (at our last count) of Paul Bond Custom Boots. Mr. Kent has been wearing boots since he was a freshman in high school. Although, at the time they were not Paul Bond’s, he was converted when he first came across an ad in Western Horseman for Custom Cowboy Boots. To both his and my shock, his first pair cost a mere $74! Oh how the times have changed! In a nut shell, Mr. Kent continues to wear our boots because we “provide good service, and the boots, they just fit.” Having never ordered the same design twice, at the age 75, he is still interested in adding to his collection, in particularly the classic PBB Tulip! Let us just say – Mr. Kent, it would be an absolute honor to make you another pair of custom boots!

In terms of our staff, there is no better team than our team. We function like a family. Every day we learn from one another and do our best to work through any growing pains. Upon asking a 3rd generation artisan why he loves Paul Bond Boots, he thought for a minute and then responded, “it feels like home, every day when I walk through those doors, I remember the days when my grandfather was here, and now I see my father, which is really special.”

For me, it’s a compilation of several reasons. I love continuing the art of true custom craftsmanship, especially an art that my grandfather helped hone and built his life around. Secondly, I can’t imagine working in a lackluster environment. The people here have true passion. Their passion keeps me positive even when life is tough. But lastly, and most importantly, I love our customers, and not just the ones with dozens of Paul Bond’s, as great as they are! The stories that really touch me are the people who have waited their entire lives to own a pair of custom Paul Bond Boots. You can hear it in their voice, in their attention to detail, and in their happiness when their custom made boots finally arrive at the front door.

So back to my original question, why do people believe in our brand? Based on my journey so far, it is clear, that yes, we have a great team that makes a great product, and yes, we do everything in our power to go above and beyond your expectations, but at the end of the day, YOU make Paul Bond Boots the company that is today. Your support is contagious. We see it every day on our active Facebook page, our ringing phones, and your regular emails.

Keep it up y’all! We have big plans for this company, but most importantly, we have big plans for you!

All my best,


Alex Bloodworth
Alex Bloodworth



Stu Greer
Stu Greer

February 03, 2015

I emailed yesterday that I was looking for a tough dress/work boot that was dark {black} in color, but with a brown tint to cover the wardrobe. I am thinking of the Tahoe boot with maybe a couple green chillis on the boots. I have seen that black/brown color on a belt, and it stands out.


October 22, 2014

I had to laugh. I got your email today. I own the pair of boots in the left hand corner of your photos that take you to this blog – they were on etsy. They fit me like a glove! This pair has reddish vamps, off-white shafts, and the initials JT on them. In the photo there is a light blue background.

You don’t have to publish this comment. I was just writing because the photo made my day.

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