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A Legacy of Legends

For those of you who made it out to Fort Worth for “A Legacy of Legends,"you can attest to what a great turnout it was for everyone involved.

I must say that I’ve always been aware of the term “horse whispering,” however, I didn’t quite realize just how much was wrapped up into that ideal. This past weekend I was able to experience and gain great appreciation for the ideals started by Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt. Both gentlemen entered this arena for the love of the horse, not the fame, although that most definitely came, due to their massive influence in the horsemanship world. Together they brought about a new generation of horsemanship, one that focused on ways to make it easier or better for the horse.

Now Buck Brannaman, Ray Hunt's protégé, and Carolyn Hunt strive to continue the Legacy of these legendary men by hosting “A Legacy of Legends” every year. This was their 5th year in a row.

More than anything, the gentleness of all the people I met this weekend amazed me the most. When many think of cowboys, they think of rough and tough, but these gentlemen and ladies were a different kind of breed. They had gentle spirits, very much like those of a horse. You could visibly see each individuals desire to learn more about relating to their animal. Not only did it translate in their interactions with horses, but their interactions with people as well.

In a very real way, it reminded me of Paul. For those of you who knew him, you could attest to his truly gentle and kind spirit. He had a way with people that required very few words, just like Buck and his horses. Like the many people who aim to continue the teachings of Ray and Tom, we, at Paul Bond Boots, strive to continue the legacy of Paul Bond, a gentle man with a true love of custom cowboy boots and the western world as a whole.

As a far from final reflection on this past weekend, I think back to a conversation I had with Buck. He mentioned that when asked as a kid, how he would define success, he would always quickly respond with, “to be a cowboy and to wear Paul Bond Boots!” Buck, we’d have to agree with you!

For more on Buck Brannaman, check out "Buck," a documentary available on Netflix - trust me it's worth your while!

Legends who wore the Legend!

Hanging out with Carolyn Hunt at PBB's booth - such a kind and relateable woman.

Shayne Jackson, Desiree Sides (in her brand new Paul Bond's!), myself, and Art!

Having fun measuring and meeting new people!

I want to give huge accolades to the other vendors and supporters present at this event. Your workmanship, creativity, and presentation were top notch. I learned so much from you – thank you!

1) Buck, Mary and Reata Brannaman


 2) Shayne Jackson, owner of McGinnis Meadows Cattle & Guest Ranch


3)  Buster and Sheryl McLaury


4) Eclectic Horseman Magazine


 5) Reata Ranchwear


 6) Steve Mecum Saddles


 7) Hagel’s Cowboy Gear


8) Rank Bridles


 9) Western Horseman



Alex Bloodworth
Alex Bloodworth


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Denny Calhoun
Denny Calhoun

March 14, 2015

i am soon to be 77 years of age. When I was just a kid I remember Paul Bond riding bare back horses at the El Paso Rodeo, and he always wore a necktie.
Denny Calhoun

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