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Wedding Cowboy Boots: How to Pick the Perfect Boots for Your Big Day

With wedding season quickly approaching and the ever growing trend for custom wedding boots, I thought to myself, what a perfect time to discuss handmade boots for the big day! Like custom boots in general, a lot of factors come into play. I know many women who put as much time and consideration into these special handmade boots as they do for their actual wedding dresses! With that much emphasis, I think it’s definitely time to break down the process.

In my opinion, it is always best to start with a few questions. For starters, do you plan to wear your custom made boots during the ceremony, just for the reception, or maybe as you exit the party? I know for a good friend of mine, she plans to wear hers for the grand finale as she exits the reception. Her wedding colors will consist of shades of blue and white throughout, so naturally she stayed true to theme with the design of her custom boots. For a beautiful combination of classic, elegant, yet fun, she selected a bright turquoise ostrich and bone kangaroo duo. As she designed her handmade boots, it was important for her to be able to wear them on any given day, not just her wedding day! She chose her heel, height, and toe all based on this idea. While many decide to include their wedding date, this bride opted out and instead went with her newly married monogram! We are convinced that her custom made boots are going to become a new favorite among Paul Bond brides!

Other brides are highly influenced by the location of their wedding whether it be on the Hawaiian beach side or on the beautiful southern lands of the Texas Hill Country. Your custom wedding boots can say so much about your big day. By carefully choosing your leathers, colors, and designs, you can convey simple elegance, southern comfort, playful personalization, and so much more!

Now we can't leave out the men in our lives, as they too, love their handmade wedding boots! Gents on the other hand tend to go for more neutral tones with a propensity for school mascots, state flags, and initials. A recent groom and friend, comes to mind, whose custom boots, hands down illustrate some of the best inlay work I've seen. What I loved about this couple is how they designed these custom made boots together. Both avid Horned Frog fans, there was no question that TCU would play a major role in the design. Additionally, he had his initials placed on one pull strap with his wedding date on the other. Word to the wise ladies, this is an excellent gift for your "soon to be" grooms with a serious upside – he will never forget your anniversary (or let's hope not!) 

On a final note and very personally exciting one, I am happy to announce that I can join the ranks of Paul Bond brides!  While we have no big plans yet, I can say that Paul Bond will play a huge role! All of the custom boots below have greatly inspired me, and I hope they can do the same for you!




Alex Bloodworth
Alex Bloodworth




December 27, 2015

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Megan Iliya
Megan Iliya

April 07, 2015

Love this post!!!!

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