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April Customer of the Month - "The Guy Who Wants Nothing"

The theme of 2015 so far has been all about getting to know our customers – who they are, what they like, and why they love Paul Bond. This month, we decided to interview our first ever, Paul Bond Customer of the Month.

As many of you know, we had a #mypbb contest, where individuals were asked to post pictures of themselves in their Paul Bond’s and tell us why we are their “go-to” boot maker. The winner of this challenge was Mark George, with this photo!

Clearly, this image tells us a lot about Mr. George, however, we had to know more! Here’s what we found out: 

Referred to by his son as “the guy who wants nothing,” Mark embodies the American Dream, at least from a male perspective! With a propensity for quality craftsmanship, his favorite toys include his D-18 Martin Retro guitar, his Harley, his 1946 J3 Cub airplane, and of course, his Paul Bond’s.

Having been in aviation his entire life, he knew his J3 Cub would be the central focus of his first pair of Paul Bond’s. This particular plane was manufactured in Pennsylvania, his home state, and it was the first plane made for the masses after WWII. To add to the significance, this Cub has been in the George family for generations and was restored by Mr. George himself, and his dear friend, Mr. Albert Kreller.

For his second pair, he plans to inlay his Martin guitar, combining yet another passion of his with his Paul Bond Boots. He mentioned that he loves our ability to take an image and have it come to life with his custom cowboy boots. But even more so, he loves the fact that he has had his boots for over 10 years, wears them on a regular basis, and they still look brand new!

The three things that Mr. George couldn't live without include his family, toys, and 2 dogs, Zeus and Jack. When he is not flying commercially, his boots are with him every step of the way. On an ending note, Mr. George had one thing to say:

“I plan on being buried with both my airplane and my boots!”

We must say that we truly admire you Mr. George - you are a lover of life, and there is no better way to describe you than how your son so finely put it, "a man who wants nothing."

Alex Bloodworth
Alex Bloodworth


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