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Flash Sale: Custom Alligator Cowboy Boots!

This holiday season we are offering several flash sales! This is perfect for those individuals who are just unwilling to wait for their custom cowboy boots. Throughout the season, we will publish several random stock size boots with a random design at a random time, and offering them at a discounted rate! To kick things off, the flash sale starts NOW! Ready, set... GO!

Size: 10D

Vamps: American Alligator

Tops: Kangaroo with cording

Toe: French toe

Heel: #3 (1 5/8th inch)

Height: 12 inches

Price: $2500 but now $2000!

Alex Bloodworth
Alex Bloodworth



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January 22, 2017

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Buy Happy Feet
Buy Happy Feet

January 13, 2016

Wow cow boy boots are awesome. try shrek tank shoes.

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