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The Boot Sock Every Woman Needs

If there is one question I consistently get, particularly from women, it is: "what are the best socks to wear with my cowboy boots?"

Well ladies, it's taken me some time, but I have found the ONE! Like finding the perfect boots, or even the ideal boot maker, finding the right boot sock can feel like a difficult task, particularly if you are picky like I am. In the past, I have vacillated between socks that were too thick, and therefore too hot versus thin socks that just didn't have enough padding. After a while, I found myself just wearing simple and sometimes even mismatched athletic socks! Sound familiar? Ultimately, I resorted to the train of thought that boot socks just don't make a difference, so why bother? Boy was I wrong!

It wasn't until I ran into Mia Melendez last year in Santa Ynez at Buck Brannaman's Pro-Am that I came across her new creation, an entirely new style of sock, one that she claimed would end my everlasting search for the perfect boot sock. Of course, I was skeptical but I loved Mia and thought I would give it a shot. What I soon discovered was pure magic - I wore those first pair of socks for the next two days! To my surprise, they had sufficient padding without being too hot for the Santa Ynez heat, but even more importantly, they kept swelling down - something I didn't even think a boot sock could resolve in the first place! The rest was history..

Soon after becoming her #1 fan, I decided I just couldn't keep this secret to myself! It had to be shared with you, the women of Paul Bond Boots. So feast your eyes upon Mia's new Strydh Boot Socks, the one boot accessory you must have!


1. Arch Compression Band

2. Ankle Flex Darting

3. Toe & Footbed Padding

4. Achilles Shield

5. Lateral Mesh Ventilation

6. Tibial Compression

Blog Bonus: Interview with the founder and designer of Strydh, Mia Melendez!

What inspired you to design these socks?

After many years working in equestrian retail, and fitting boots, I saw the need for a specialized protective boot sock. There was nothing on the market that addressed all the issues in one sock. I wanted to create a comfortable breathable sock with support and protection in the heel and foot against chaffing and blisters. 
 What is your favorite feature?

I would have to say the best feature of this sock is the heel and Achilles protection. No worries of rubs or blisters from your new or worn in boots. You can enjoy riding your horse or wearing your new favorite dress boots in comfort. 
What’s next? I know you mentioned new color.

I will be adding a black sock soon with all the same great features.  There are also plans for some fun colors and new designs in the future.
Would you ever consider a men’s line?

Yes. I feel there is also a need for a men's sock that is protective and durable. So this is something I will be working on as well in the near future. 


Alex Bloodworth
Alex Bloodworth


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Joan Bond
Joan Bond

January 26, 2017

Hey Alex ! Are you selling these socks at the Barn? They Sound really good !

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