1-520-281-0512 Sharkskin Cowboy Boots – Paul Bond

Nov. '16 - The Rapid City (Sharkskin)

by: Paul Bond Boots

November's Boot of the Month features sharkskin, a skin that we haven't seen in a long time and boy, are we excited that it has made a come back! Not only is this shade of gray very rare to find, but good sharkskin in general has been tough to source. So when we had the opportunity to source the material and build this beautiful and classic boot, we were over the moon! Seeing them in production has been the highlight of our month, and for that reason, it was hands-down our top pick for November's Boot of the Month!

*For anyone seeking sharkskin cowboy boots, call us at 520-281-0512. We have a limited supply of rare colors at the moment!

Material: Gray antique sharkskin vamps and collar; navy kangaroo tops

Features: 8 rows of variegated blue stitching


Toe: 2D

Heel: #4 (1 3/4")

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