1-520-281-0512 Multi-Stitch Working Cowboy Boot – Paul Bond

Multi-Stitch Working Cowboy Boot

by: Paul Bond Boots

On an "as available" basis, sizes 7-13.5 with B,D, or EE widths, are Paul Bond Boot's famous Working Cowboy Handmade Boots. They come in a variety of colors of tops, paired with Wax French Calf vamps, the toughest of all leathers. This handmade cowboy boot is perfect for rugged terrain, especially corrals, mud, and brush. Call today for availability.

Material Shown: Wax French Calf vamp; kangaroo tops

Additional Features: Mouse holes; spur ridge; 6 rows of stitching

Height: 16 inches

Toe: D

Heel: 3

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