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8 Decades Making Dandy Little Boots for Good People

We design and make cowboy boots for people who want to give ’em hell or waltz with the love of their life. Our boots are built to last, whether you’re facing the toughest rodeo or keeping the dance alive even when the music stops.

What you’ll find in our Boot Barn

Custom Boots

Custom means made to suit your taste and fit. We’ll craft your boots to your specs, making sure they fit like a glove and show off your personality.

Boots (Coming Soon)

We’re designing and crafting new lines of boots with that Paul Bond craftsmanship folks have loved for near 80 years.

Accesories (Coming Soon)

Ain’t nothing like wearing your boots with matching accessories. From belts and wallets to bags and whatever else you can think of, you can pick from our upcoming line or get ’em made to match your custom boots.


Paul Bond’s Legacy

When you hear the name Paul Bond, all sorts of things come to mind. Some folks remember his rodeo days, others think fondly of their custom-made boots, and to some, he was family and a true friend.

We invite you to take a moment to remember Paul with this preview of the interview and join us in this new journey of Paul Bond Boots.

Take a peek at our boot barn.

Contact Us

Let us know how we can help. Whether you need an update on your order or you’re hankering for a new pair of custom boots, drop us a message and we’ll get right back to you.

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