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Custom Made Boots

Paul Bond Boots makes  custom cowboy boots for discerning men and women all around the world. We aren't your typical  boots makers. We believe that cowboy boots weren't meant to be made in a factory but a proud tradition that symbolizes independence, an idea that can't be mass produced. For this reason, each are handcrafted with unique stitching patterns and designs that will draw stares whether you're country line dancing, walking in the city, watching the rodeo, or shoeing your horse.

Our boots are personal, and they should be personalized. We carry an array of styles and design options including a distinctive high heel. Many of our custom boots feature intricate stitch work. You have a choice between bright colors or classics such as black, beige, and brown. If we create your boots, they will be one of a kind.

On an even better note, our boots are handmade made right here in Western America with only the finest materials. Paul Bond, our founder, handmade cowboy boots for over 65 years. He was a true cowboy and had an unmatched passion for custom boot making. Sadly, Paul passed away in 2012, but we're proud to continue his legacy.  Click here to see our collection of custom made boots.