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Heel Selection

Our heels are built layer by layer, set well under the boots for comfort, and extended in the back to help protect the heel counter from wearing and keep a spur from slipping over your heel. If you would like a larger spur ledge, all you have to do is ask!

Keep in mind that the look of the heel will vary in proportion to the size of your foot. 

    A Number 1 heel is a walking heel. Some would call it a block heel because it has a wide base which is great for stability and comfort. Lately we have used this heel on our equestrian style boots which offers a very clean, chic look. Additionally, this is the heel of choice for our custom roper cowboy boots.

    A 2X heel is our most popular heel because it is higher than a walking heel, yet not as tall as our tallest riding heel. Additionally, it is slightly underslung so you can still get that great cowboy heel look.

    A Number 6 heel is what we use on most of our working cowboy boots. The height ensures that you won’t slip through your stirrups when riding. However, if you don’t ride, these boots are great for fashion boots as well!