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Lizard FAQs

Lizard FAQs:

Why should I choose Lizard for my next pair of cowboy boots?

Around here we love lizard because while it may be exotic, it certainly won't break the bank (in comparison to some other exotics like alligator) but it still gives you the glamour of an exotic cowboy boot! Additionally, you can't beat lizard in terms of its wide variety of color options - it comes in all shades of the rainbow. Last but certainly not least, with proper care, lizard cowboy boots are very durable and comfortable, and did I mention stylish - a killer combo.

Can Lizard Cowboy Boots be dressed down?

We often get this question, because quite frankly, when people think of lizard cowboy boots, they often think of high gloss formal boots. Here at Paul Bond, we beg to differ! We dress down our lizard boots all the time, but at the same time, we relish in the option to dress them up as well! Lizard is versatile because it provides such a wide variety of colors. From neutrals to fashion colors all the way to two-toned variations, lizard can make a boot suitable for all occasions!