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Ostrich FAQs

Ostrich FAQs:

What is difference between full quill, half quill, and smooth ostrich boots?

The terms full quill, half quill, and smooth all refer to different parts of the ostrich hide. Full quill is what you will typically see when people refer to ostrich cowboy boots. This type of ostrich boot showcases the pronounced ostrich quills very visibly while half and smooth show less and less. Half quill ostrich cowboy boots are half full quill and half smooth. Additionally, it is important to note that the more quills you have, the more expensive the boot will be. However, it is equally important to note that smooth ostrich boots are making a big come back right now. They offer a great look at a more affordable price point.

Why should I opt for ostrich when designing my custom cowboy boots?

Here at Paul Bond Boots we are big proponents of ostrich skin boots. For starters, ostrich is extremely malleable and comfortable to the foot. With proper care (yes, this requires the regular use of leather cleaner and conditioner), your ostrich boots can last a life time while only becoming more and more comfortable. Secondly, from an economic standpoint, ostrich allows you to choose a range when it comes to quills. You can opt for the most expensive version which is full quill or come down to smooth and still get a great look!  Lastly, ostrich is an exotic leather that is very durable. So if you aren't so easy on your boots, you don't have a lot to fear with ostrich.