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Python FAQs

Python FAQs:

How do I take care of my Python boots?

In order to properly upkeep your Python cowboy boots, you will need to maintain them on a regular basis. To begin, use a soft, dry towel to wipe in the direction of the scales. This will help remove any outward facing dirt and dust. If you choose to use water, keep in mind that too much can cause the membrane to dry and the eventual curling of the scales. Avoid this if at all possible. After the outer scales are cleaned, we recommend you address underneath the scales as well. Use a soft brush to gently remove residue, yet do not lift the scales up. Lastly, conditioning is very important, as it is with all leather. However, with Python it is important to use products specifically made for reptiles as they are lighter than your average leather conditioners and ideal for this type of hide.

It seems like Python boots are hard to care for, what makes Python so special for custom cowboy boots?

Yes, python boots can be slightly more challenging to care for than your average calfskin boots. However, python also offers a look that few skins can rival! It tends to be an unexpected choice in the custom world, but one that's final product never ceases to amaze us! From bright fashion colors to bold metallics, python is available in a wide variety of options. For those seeking a daring cowboy boot, we would highly suggest adding python to your bucket list!