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Bison and Buffalo Custom Boots

American bison is another tough leather that can take a beating yet also take a shine when need be. Bison custom cowboy boots have been a fan favorite for years due to its deep grain and rich tones. When opting for American bison boots, it is important to note whether you prefer a low grain or a high grain. The high grain is nearly impossible to beat up, but the lower grain can develop a beautiful patina over time. However, it is important to note that bison boots tend to give a little more than your average leather. So if you are looking for a looser fit over time, or something that "grows with you," American bison could be the perfect choice.

Buffalo cowboy boots, on the other hand, are yet another great option for those looking for a durable boot with the potential for shining up. Unlike bison, buffalo hides tend to have a vastly lesser grain and therefore embody an overall smoother look. If you are looking for cowboy boots with a traditional color scheme, buffalo is ideal as it offers beautiful shades of brown and black.

Buffalo & Bison FAQs:

What is the difference between Bison and Buffalo hides?

Despite geographical distinctions, the American Bison roams strictly in North America while the Buffalo is located in Africa and Asia, the hides used for cowboy boots are distinctly different in texture. For starters, bison leather has deeper grooves while buffalo tends to have a smoother finish. Both skins develop a great patina over time and are ideal for a person looking for that "I'm not trying too hard" type of look but still want the polish of a custom cowboy boot.

Are Bison and Buffalo boots made strictly for work?

The answer is no! The great thing about both bison and buffalo is that they have the ability to take a great shine. We would call these leathers a combination leather, in essence they are ideal for someone who is tough on their boots, wants a slightly more rugged feel, yet wants the option to dress them up from time to time as well.