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Calf and Kangaroo Custom Boots

While we are placing calf and kangaroo boots in the same category as they look very similar to the naked eye, these leathers have some distinct differences to note. For starters, calf is a thicker hide that tends to be more durable and more scuff resistant than kangaroo cowboy boots. On the other hand, kangaroo cowboy boots are lighter in weight, very soft, and mold to the foot with ease. Additionally, we recommend kangaroo for the tops if you are looking for intricate inlay work as it is easier to work with. In essence, if you are looking for lightweight and malleable, we would recommend kangaroo for your custom cowboy boots, yet if you are a little tougher on your boots and don't mind a little extra weight, calf is the way to go.

Calf and Kangaroo FAQs:

What is the difference between Kangaroo and Calfskin?

Kangaroo and calfskin cowboy boots are very similar in look and feel. However, there are some subtle differences. For instance, calfskin is slightly heavier in weight than kangaroo and therefore slightly more durable and less likely to scuff. On the other hand, kangaroo is great for a lighter weight cowboy boot. They are both available in a wide variety of colors. When deciding between the two, keep in mind, kangaroo is slightly more expensive but not by much.

Between the two, which leather is preferable for a dress cowboy boot?

While both leathers take a shine, most people prefer Kangaroo for their dress boots as they are lighter in weight and tend to have less of a grain and therefore a smoother finish. However, it is important to note that just like any of our cowboy boot leathers, maintenance is absolutely necessary. We recommend using Bick 1 to clean the boot and Bick 4 to condition afterwards. We have personally seen a dead looking boot come back to life with the use of these two products - give it try, if you haven't already!